About the collection

Starting life in 1869 as an eight-page pamphlet written in French, the Journal télégraphique is now the full-colour ITU News magazine produced in six languages and available to all through the Internet.

With more than 140 years of uninterrupted existence, the International Telecommunication Union's monthly journal has chronicled the scientific and technical progress of all branches of telecommunications since 1869, as well as the many activities of the Union in its efforts to connect all the world's people, wherever they live and whatever their means. The journal has evolved and changed considerably over the years in order to keep pace with the development and diversification of the telecommunications field and to respond to the changing expectations of readers.  Its history reflects the growth and evolution of ITU itself.


Over the years, the journal underwent many changes – big and small – to meet the needs of the day.  Some changes were announced in advance, while others occurred gradually or without any fanfare.  On a few occasions, however, it was decided to change the very name of the journal to mark a particularly significant transition.

  • Journal télégraphique (French only)
  • Journal des télécommunications
  • Starting in 1948, the journal was published in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish)
  • Telecommunication Journal
  • Boletín de Telecomunicaciones
  • ITU News
  • Nouvelles de l'UIT
  • Actualidades de la UIT