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1960s to 1980s

Over the decades, the Journal grew to more than 60 pages, spreading information about ITU and its work. More space was devoted to the activities of ITU itself. A number of articles and news items on the activities of the ITU in space telecommunications were published, and considerable space was given to accounts of the technical cooperation activities of the Union. Coverage of ITU conferences, assemblies and meetings as well as TELECOM exhibitions continued. Supplements such as maps and an annual list of satellites launched were added.  A number of special issues were dedicated to an overview of telecommunications in specific countries.

Among the recipients of this revitalized Journal were technical cooperation experts in the field, reflecting ITU’s expanding activity in telecommunications development. A reader survey carried out in 1981 confirmed that “a substantial proportion of readers liked the Journal” and found its contents useful.


Special issue of the Journal in May 1965 commemorating ITU’s centenary
In 1965, the Journal took part in ITU’s Centenary celebrations by publishing a series of commemorative articles and a special May issue.

In November 1969, the Journal celebrated its own centenary by publishing a special issue that included a reprint of the very first issue of its predecessor, the Journal télégraphique. This was such a success that the same thing was done in November 1989 to celebrate the Journal’s 120th anniversary.

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